World Championship 2017

Section "M"




Nagykanizsa, Hungary 




NAVIGA, World organization for model ship building




Hungarian Association for Modellers Canissa Modelling Club




Nagykanizsa Boating Lake HUNGARY
Koordinate: 46.446275, 17.036705


Date: 18th August to 27th August 2017.



F1E; F3E; F3V;
F1V 3,5; F1V 15;
Eco Expert; Eco Team; FSR E;
Mini Eco Expert; Mini Eco Expert Team;
Hydro I; Hydro II; Mini Hydro;
Mono I; Mono II; Mini Mono;

Each for juniors and seniors


Deadline for inscriptions:


There is no opportunity to registrar after this date. Registrations at the race is not allowed. Registration and category changes at the race is not allowed.


Deadline for changing registrated data (if needed):




 Entry fees:


- Junior FREE
- Senior 30 Euro/class
- Team 45 Euro/Team




The Entry Forms are sent from National federations. The Entry Forms in DOCX format and its signed and stamped copy, scanned and saved in PDF format, shell sent by e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Bank payment:


HU57 10104985-02173100-01004009 Budapest Bank




NAVIGA Rules 2017


Protest fee:


20 Euro (as per NAVIGA Presidium solved)


Main Judge:


Walter Geens section leader




40 MHz bands, and 2,4 Ghz


 Frequencies classes:


F1V: 40Mhz channel 50, 52
F1E: 40Mhz channel 54, 56
F3: 40Mhz channel 51, 53
ECO, Mono/Hydro and FSR E classes: All channels from the above Frequency bands, including 2,4 Ghz for all classes.




Nitromethane limited to 23 vol.% Measured with CMB instrument.


 Medals and certificates:


The first three placed participants in each class will be awarded a medal and a certificate of participation.




For participants, judges, organizing committee and sympathizers at the price of 25 Euro each Person. It is mandatory to subscribe for participation on the banquet by completing the subscription form.


 Round count:


 Amb V.4 lapB counting via mylaps tranponders (Mrt and other copies not working)


Transfer service:


The transfer service from/to Budapest International Airport will be possible on request. Please fill the correspondent field in the Entry Form.




Restaurant and buffets at lakeside